Tuesday, 19 January 2010

B for Blurgh!

Daniels favourite word at the moment, that we get numerous times a day + just so happens to start with B!!


Sunday, 17 January 2010


Onto B's!
Well so far I have finished reading my latest Book Group Book (Catherine Ryan Hyde, When I found you), started reading Emily Barr's Plan B and baked Banana and chocolate chip muffins!
Havent changed my CD's in the car from A music to B music yet but I will and am looking forward to listening to such musical gems as Babylon Zoo, Blur and Blink

An introduction and a catchup

So as part of the AtoZYear (Wandering through the alphabet two weeks at a time) challenge, I am going to attempt to live 2010 alphabetically.
Each letter of the alphabet is assigned a fortnight of the year and I have been off to a flying start!!

In the 1st 2 weeks of 2010 I managed to fit in a fair few A's!

 I watched Angels and Demons, I read Alphabet Weekends by Elizabeth Noble, I Alphabetised my Books and CD's, I listened to Adam and the Ants, Bryan Adams, Ash, AhHa, Aerosmith and Arctic Monkeys.
My son and I made some art and I adapted a family favourite carrot cake recipe to include some apple!
I also managed to have a little adventure (although it didnt really feel like one at the time, it just felt stressful!!). I drove 10 miles to take my son to a rugby rascals class, it started snowing as we drove, when we got there the class was cancelled and when we tried to come home we got stuck in traffic on the M4 for 4hours (not much fun for me.....let alone a 2yr old!!!!!). When we did eventally get off the M4 we couldnt get home due to traffic and dangerous roads because of  the snow and so ended up (after much deliberation) having to stay in a hotel; missing work, abandoning my car, catching a train and walking home the next day.